Blue Samhain

Again I’m with giving you the heads up about a full moon: There’s another one tonight Beloveds and apparently it is called a Blue Moon, but is it that colour? 💙  Is it “Blue” because it’s not the first, as it comes second of two full moons in a single calendar month and is that why it is blue, sad over not being the only one?  Sounds like someone needs to learn how to share the limelight to me!  As for being sad, I’m generally not.  In fact you could actually predict it happening “Once in a Blue Moon”.   Still, due to it be the day and evening to remember those gone from our lives and with all the crap things going on in the world, it’s hard not to be saddened.

Seen or behind the clouds, will the moon shine forth?  I think the latter as usual.  When will it stop bloody raining?!!  Unlike previous years, I won’t be leaving a light on in the porch or dressing up to give sweets to the local kids this year.  We all have to stay away from each other for now, seriously, we do, this is not a drill, this is not a conspiracy, this is for real and people are dying before their time from this shit!  I feel horrified, not just a bit sad.  I want to remind others that we all have to try to help make sure human life goes on.   As this beautiful life filled planet Earth can live without us, as we cannot live without the Earth!  Seriously, please look after the life within the biosphere, the trees, the animals, the fungi… upon this precious little blue marble called Earth, spinning in the dark emptiness in this wonderful universe.full moon

For one day we will not be the things we are now, but transformed from this life we hold dear into something else, maybe ghosts. Lots of ideas abound as to what, theories, beliefs and traditions. All I know is that it is best to make the best of what we have, cherish the memories we hold dear to our hearts and Be Kindness Personified. I’m not religious, but do I hear an “amen!”


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