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My native language is English, but that I do not claim to be English and do not live in England, but I’m a human of the Earth.ย  Sometimes however, I just have to tick the box British [ย  ], but that I would really, really, really love there to be a box labelled Earthling [ย  ].

Anyways, for all the other languages available, I know very little, but a bit of several including Japanese, French, German, Welsh… and oh the joys of learning a new language and all the complicated hues.ย  Here’s a little bit of help for those beginners learning French (with the help of Lya) and below you will see a few hints on how in France to fill the gaps in sentences with those nothing sounds [The grey is how to pronounce the French, the blue is the written and the deep red is similar of how it’s said in English].ย  All these fillers are so much better for you than having “fillers” in your face, butt we won’t go into that!french filler words

Today my plan is to finish off sorting out my cook, gardening and language books. That sounds like I’ve loads of books, well thanks to ethical charity shops and Carmarthen Free Books, perhaps I have. Once done, I’m going to sort out my shoes (walking boots mainly). For they could do with a good sort, perhaps fresh laces in some and to have those annoying little stone chippings flicked out of a few. These are the positive things to be getting on with and to not dwell on the things I can’t do. In any case, I’m not back at work for a couple of days and I intend to go nowhere even if I was told I can. Limiting all sorts of things, but looking at alternative time fillers to stop me from going bonkers (yeah, yeah, I hear you saying “That ship has sailed”).

2 thoughts on “Fillers

    1. I keep harking back to where my grandmother was from and where I lived for a while. Only that who I am inside, does not reflect this place totally. For I have so many different facets, as do most people if given the chance to explore possibilities (physical or mental) and not be driven into a corner.

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