Cook wear

So for the second blog post of the day, a day I’ve dedicated to do plenty of lounging around in, because it’s time off, I will tell you a little story: Once upon a time (this morning) a person (me) found that because people in the shop yesterday were being all silly (or as some might say “See you next Tuesdays”), that during the said person’s lunch break, they did NOT feel comfortable buying what they needed and went out of said shop without bread! [Pause for breath] Therefore, instead of a sensible breakfast that might have included toast, the person (me) decided to make a large potato into French fries for comfort food carbs breakfast. So using a shallow, but pretty wide frying pan part filled with just the right amount of oil to cover the thin potato chips, they created a lovely homely cooking smell and filled the kitchen with a nice sizzling sound, then serving up the chips for themselves with a sprinkling of salt and vinegar. They were eaten while hot, yum, yum, yum. [END] of story perhaps? For there is a However, something happened just at the end after serving up the chips into a pretty bowl and here comes the note to the wise: Do not wear a long dangly sleeved, fluffy dressing gown while cooking and leaning over hot oil, unless you like the smell of melting clothing, have to throw away the said oil, run your hand under the cold tap and throw your clothes into the washing “toute ‘suite!” Still, the chips were yum.

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