The Mountain

I woke this morning with a song in my head and tried looking for it online. It’s a happy little ditty, but that all I have to go on is: “The Sun is like a yellow cherry, without the pip, without the pip!” I do get the feeling that it was either a Greek song or an Italian one, but that it was yonks ago that I heard it and it was probably a rough translation by a friend. Anyways, after a short while of doing an Internet search I came up with nowt! So, I’ve decided to give up looking, for I’m never gonna find the lyrics, so basically hey ho, it’ll just have to play in my head occasionally with a recurring: “The Sun is like a yellow cherry, without the pip, without the pip!” Still, I tried, yer can’t say I’m not trying (ask some of my work colleagues). Tell you what though, I did find a lovely song about The Mountain (you do know to click on the blue to go to the link right?) and this was composed by George Hadjipieris. who not only writes songs, but is also a lawyer. The song in the link is sung handsomely by Sokratis Malamas (original spelling of his name is Σωκράτης Μάλαμας and as my mum would say is all Greek to me). Now although there’s a translation under the song and the animation is pretty darn useful, I’m still thinking “””If only I was a polyglot””” still I’m working on that too.

το βουνό

p.s. !Woohoo!” my wonderful Internet bloodhound of a son has actually found the Yellow Cherry song: Jerry Hadley – Luigi’s Welcome – Pinocchio

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