Ninja sheep

Today it rained again and the roads were full of puddles. Today was also the second time this week that I’ve been pushed to the limit of my driving skills by idiots who don’t seem to worry about the condition of the road. This time I ended up having to go off the roundabout in the wrong direction because of another driver. As it was a duel carriage way I had to drive a few miles in the wrong direction before I could turn. Still, better than being pranged innit. So, today was a day of feeling rounded up, I was just like a jumpy sheep and all the others in the world were sheep dogs. All over it was, happening on the road, lots of times in the shop, all those ignorant people. All totally oblivious to my needs for just a little bit of space to exist in. All seem to be in their own world trying without thought, to nearly collide with mine. I was thankfully like a ninja to avoid it all and now I intend to NOT do that again for a while! Thankfully I go to work at the hour that doesn’t suit panic buying sheepdog shoppers and return without going through a town. This covid world makes people crazy, so nope, I do NOT intend to shop in town again for a while!

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7 thoughts on “Ninja sheep

    1. Oh now look what memory you just unearthed, my mother on her motorbike with me on the back, strapped on using those elastic things with hooky ends and her telling me later on in life that when a lorry went past, she’d hold on tight and close her eyes until it had passed!!! 🏍 How the hell am I here OS and not US (Under Soil) I mean, all those near death experiences must count for sommat, right?

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  1. I felt the exact same way this week. Told my daughter is was up to her to do all the shopping and driving. She says it’s the high CO2 levels that are making people stupid and crazy. I hate roundabouts anyway so I go a long way to avoid them. I have felt all week like the world is just moving way too fast and doesn’t even notice that I’m there. Just as soon run me over. I will not drive again until maybe after covid is gone. They have lost their minds.

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    1. Yes they have, they really have lost their minds! Probably gone zombie and eating each others brains. So on the subject of the zombie apocalypse and attempting to be a vegan, do you know what vegan zombies traditionally say?
      “grruu grruu grrains”

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