Soil Day

“Happy Soil Day”

So let’s feed the soil, that feeds the plant, that feeds the world.ย  Don’t faff, as it’s been proven that we don’t need to actually dig nutrients in and I’ve seen the proof myself.ย  Compost and mulch on top feeds the soil the quickest.ย  Manures (shit) as they are, can perk up established plants like roses, but beware of what the animal might have been fed on!ย  Our rescue pony isn’t with us now, but that I recall how some would complained about the horse poo on the road (and I’d pick it up), while others sensibly brought out their own coal shovel to gather it up for their roses and sent us on our way.ย  Later on, they did have beautiful blooms like these:

plant flower rose bloom
Photo by Pixabay on

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