End Begin

Between the two title words is the blink of an eye, a miniscule moment. Tonight it will mark the end of one year and to begin the next. I will mark it early before beddy byes, with a wish to carry on being here. It might not sound much like a resolution, but I think it’s something I want to aim for and REALLY hope to achieve. All considering, the steps we all might take to get through, this is my wish, my resolution to carry on the ability to say: “I’m here”. So I will eat chocolate as and when, I will have a little drinky now and then, F### yeah I will swear and cry and laugh in appropriately (according to perceptions) and sometimes be an arse (also according to perceptions)… and in whatever I am, I want to be here. Perhaps to see in years to come and not look back at this one too closely. My love to you reading this. Take a deep peaceful breath Beloved, for we end this year knowing we’ve got through. We’re here. Be here for you and the rest of us in the next year in all kindness.

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

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