Fleur Fri

Here is a rudimentary list of thing I feel make life beautiful:

  1. Making a flower arrangement and it lasting longer than I thought it would.
  2. Learning new things, like how to write flowers in French (It’s fleur by the way).
  3. Friday evenings, knowing that there’s no work for that weekend ~ [unclench].
  4. Blowing gently over hot tomato soup to cool it down and watching wisps of steam rise in swirls and flurries, like calming smoke from a dying bonfire.
  5. Making someone laugh really hard, enough to see some of their relax return.
  6. Birds, like the solemn call of curlews, the magnificent murmuration of starlings and all the silliness of puffins.
  7. Apricot coloured lipstick.
  8. Freewheeling downhill on a push bike.
  9. Oh and the smell of a horse’s breath when you gently kiss its nose.
  10. Finding an elusive matchstick lichen (Pilophorus acicularis) when out on a walk.
  11. Displays of patience and kindness by strangers towards irritating gits like me.
  12. 500 piece jigsaw puzzles (it is just the right size) of somewhere I’ve been or a summer garden or something arty-farty (just not a thatch cottage though).
  13. The ending of something painful and the beginning of healing.
  14. Hankies that smell nice and suddenly being able to realise it, because you’ve blown you snotty nose and now you can smell things again.
  15. Wearing nothing but a dressing gown and funny looking warm fluffy socks after a long soak in the bath, feeling all warm and cosy like, totally relaxed.
  16. Leaving the curtains open in the bedroom window for a while on a moon lit night or seeing the stars in the darkness, to be able to make a wish for: Peace on Earth.
  17. Scratching an itch.
  18. Seeing there is no washing up needing to be done (bliss).
  19. Realising the affection of others, knowing there is love, letting that thought in and sending it out.
  20. The gentle eye contact of another sentient being.
Photo by Henda Watani on Pexels.com

20 thoughts on “Fleur Fri

  1. I loved reading this. It was very soothing. Fuzzy love is my favorite kind. # 4 and 5 are my favorite. There is NOTHING I love more than making someone have a big belly laugh that the whole building hears. I love tomato soup too.

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    1. or if not tomato soup, a tin of chopped tomatoes πŸ… steaming hot straight oot the pan and onto some freshly popped up golden toast 🍞 slathered with some Flora spread, maybe a wee sprinkling of pepper, perhaps a little chopped onion that has been crispy fried in a smidgin of veg oil or some thin slices of raw shallot… Can you tell I’ve not eaten m’ breakie as yet or even had a coffee, but that I woke early trying to remember dance moves (as yer do) and all I could think of was “For dach gam… ” but was it “For dach” on one leg and then “gam” on t’other or “For dach gam” on one leg and then the same of t’other? LOL oh the joy of learning choreography. πŸ’ƒ Oh and BTW “For” is actually written ΩΩˆΩ‚ and all the rest and so forth, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. “More tea vicar?”

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  2. I’ll add:
    – Discovering the loud intermittent humming from the fridge was not a failing outlet or fridge… it was just that the ice maker bar had been moved to ON, by accident, with no water hookup.
    – Kitties purring.
    – Blocked video mtgs so I can wear the same clothes, no makeup, and twisted up ponytail for multiple days in a row.
    – Amazon deliveries. Sure, AZ is an evil empire… but it’s also an effective one which allows me to limit leaving my home and risking covid exposure.
    – Yesterday’s news that it appears that even after covid immunity wears off, something in your body (B protein) remembers it for years, possibly for life, and regenerates immunity cells.
    – Pouring liquid into a clear glass/cup, then adding a contrasting color liquid and watching it swirl around in beautiful patterns.
    – finding money in my house
    – digging through a pile o’ crap for something and finding other handy things I’d completely forgotten about.
    – feral kitties with catnip.
    – computer glasses reducing eyestrain when I’m looking at a monitor all day.
    – having enough energy after work to read a few blog posts.
    – universally applying or not, periods at the end of all list items.

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    1. I have a metal teddy bear piggy bank 🧸 that I put all the pennies and tuppnee bits I find (usually in the couch). It’s getting rather heavy these days, so perhaps I should keep it near the front door, ready then to thwack any covid interlopers round the noggin. πŸ€ͺ That’ll learn ’em!

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      1. What I hate is when riders try to back the horse towards me, pretending that it is the horse doing it, because causing harm is not in their nature, but the humans.


  3. Love this so much. Can I do this too I would ll definitely give you the credit for this idea. I think this world has us thinking of such negative things and this makes us think of happier things.❀️

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    1. Sometimes you have to glean a bit of happy, a bit of laughter, a bit of cope from the sad shite. It is the way to stay sane and I’m all for using rose coloured spectacles 😍 or love goggles.

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      1. More than this number and even with help I’m thinking it’s too much. 🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩 I do love to do the edges first, but how I hate to find one piece missing!!

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