Some people don’t get it. They don’t understand how damn hard it can be. For some people the hardest thing is to take part in anything with other people. Shy folk suffer if asked to talk. Some it takes talking to more than one person at a time. Anxiety in any case can be debilitating when it happens and painful, actually producing physical pains! The list of what starts and keeps the anxiety going is huge. Some have it all the time until they are in their safe place. Some have it not so often, but surely any of us can have a dose of it. I cannot quite understand those who say they are immune and wonder if they are just kidding themselves.

Well anyways, most of the time I look so carefree. It’s like I have immunity, but I don’t. Thing is, I refrain from having that that drip, drip, drip stuff of constant anxiety. Oh no, that’s not for me mate. I get my anxiety packaged and delivered in sudden big doses like a present that I’ve left sat in the corner all tightly wrapped up and then “BOOM!” there it is. Some silly bugger has unwrapped the panic party!!! and it is usually total!!! It is so sudden and gripping, that I find myself mentally exposed and physically hurting. Think of it like this, it is as if you wake to find yourself sat naked on a toilet, part way though doing a big jobby, with the toilet placed slap bang in the middle isle of a busy supermarket full of shoppers! So there we have it, anxiety. Thankfully I’ve not actually found myself sat naked etc… anxiety just makes me feels that flippin’ way and that flippin’ vulnerable! For those who know what to do to calm me, cover over my mental nakedness and clean up the shite of that moment, I love you so much! I want to be like those comforters. I find that I tend to notice others who look like they are about to go “BOOM!” So Beloveds, if any of us see someone in full panic (perhaps even in a supermarket), let’s be compassionate, let’s be considerate and make space for their flight (not to encounter a fight) and of course be thankful we are still the ones wearing the clothes!

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p.s. I forgot to mention the anxiety brought on by images of ice on the road via traffic cameras, when you know you have to go out in that and drive to work. Loud angry music me thinks. Maybe that will drown out the noise of my blood rushing through the pipework of my ears, as I drive through my anxiety of driving in the dark, on ice, alone!!! It has to done, someone has to do it…

10 thoughts on “Anxiety

    1. At least at home you don’t have to wear a mask. I heard of a woman who wanted to better her life and literally had to mask up every day. Her daughter found out why her mother kept make up on every day and wouldn’t let her husband see her without it on. She even wore gloves a lot. Anyways, her mother was from somewhere like the Caribbean and her dad was a racist.

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      1. [Home] is such a valuable thing. [Home] that wonderful place that we create how we wish it. It is a soft warm nest to which if we were squirrels 🐿 we would come back to each time and feel content enough to place our nuts snuggled down safe from the outside world. πŸ€ͺ

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  1. My anxiety requires no topic. But if it finds one.. whoooo doggie!

    I have to reserve Benadryl for allergy attacks. I used to take Tylenol PM to sleep but it’s bad for the liver. I’ve been taking 0.5mg of xanax, in addition to Cymbalta (currently for pain mgmt), nearly every night for years and years.


    1. I’m such a lucky so and so, for I take nothing. I do keep a few things on stand by, but that they always seem to go out of date by not get used. Things like antacid and the usual jollop for coughs. Still, better have them on stand by and not use them, than stuck in, need them and not have any. Wait, is chocolate medicine? 🍫 If it is then maybe I am an addict! 🍫🍫🍫🍫 Although, someone suggested it is a covid test, for if you can taste it, you don’t have covid. but better to rely on a proper one.😷 πŸ€’


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