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Play it by ear they say, voluntEAR they say, well I still do, but I won’t give my time and effort to just anyone.ย  I will NEVER help a charity that uses the money raised to experiment on animals!ย  So when you consider doing some volunteering, please check out all the details of who and what you are actually giving of yourself to.ย ย As for giving free labour to a company to get your foot in the door, thus SPENDING YOUR TIME and effort, be very conscience of what that company is doing.ย  Please take into account that if they’re willing to benefit from your unpaid labour, they might not be the most moral types to begin with.ย  So Beloved, watch out if you’re doing free work to join a company, for especially if there’s constant promises unfulfilled, as this might actually be exploitation.ย  So my advice still stands: PLAY IT BY EAR!

macro photography of babys ear
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

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