3 thoughts on “Crud haiku

    1. I’m now thinking of steaming hot dark caramelised onion πŸ§… gravy, attempting to soak into vegan yorky puds (see link below) with roast spuds πŸ₯” & sticky edged slightly burnt looking roast parsnips (it being Sunday and the day to do such cooking attempts) with stuffing balls, steamed carrot batons πŸ₯• broccoli πŸ₯¦ shredded red cabbage (always at the bottom of the steamer so the other veg don’t go purple), proper mash tatties into a smooth clap shot πŸ₯£ petit pois, no not frozen peas or canned πŸ₯« it’s a Sunday so lets think soaked the night before sweet and a bit sloppy proper mushy peas 🍡 with a little splodge of onion mealy pud 🍚 and of course hot mint sauce from a little jug. The plate thus being piled so high you nearly spill the gravy and sauce off. Where you try, but you can’t quite finish it all after attempted to add just a little more mash a few minutes before, because the mash/veg ratio is everything. Yet there’s the happy thought that the hens will love you for the left overs, so all is well with the world as you fall asleep on the settee with the telly on the channel playing the repeat yet again of Columbo. πŸ₯± 😴
      FYI https://avirtualvegan.com/vegan-yorkshire-puddings/

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