Bath salts

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So, I see a 2 pair pack of rubber gloves and takes two gloves out to clean the bathroom,  I get there only to find I have both right gloves!  Well there is that, now to tell you how easy it is to make bath salts: Firstly make sure the room is well ventilated and you’ve a pair of rubber gloves on (not one on and t’other the wrong hand), plus you’ve already got all the ingredients ready of course.  Then you’re ready to let the fun begin!  For bath salts you will need Epsom salts, Baking soda and Essential oils (oh and food colouring is optional).  The basic mix is equal parts Epsom salts and Baking soda.  Then with your glove covered hands blend in a few drops of essential oil at a time, with the optional food colouring first (oops forgot to mention that) and then the essential oil/s of your choice.  To make this into bath bombs all you do is add citric acid to the bath salt basic mix (or straight baking soda) at 4 parts base to 1 part citric acid.  Then after you have finished the above simply use vegetable oil adding a few drops at a time until it will hold a shape.  Mould it with your hands or stuff it into something.  Take them out of the mould carefully and let them dry for about a week.  Nice shared bath time treat, don’t you think?

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