So, this is how the day starts: Looking at what types of PPE is needed for each type of task and when it is needed / recommended. My mind then takes itself to one side and says “Who’d a thunk it back-in-the-day? We really do live in a strange time!” Yup, we do, as this is well into the time we’ve had to learn on the hoof of how to put on and take off PPE properly. We’ve learnt that we really do have to avoid getting it from grockles and emmets! For there really are people out there, who still wish to act like nothing bad is going on in the world and the pandemic is a conspiracy. {{{sigh}}} Still, if avoiding other is what it takes, that is what we need to do and let them get on with their stupidity (unless you have the authority to stop them, then please get on with it and protect the vulnerable). We’ve had to properly learn all there is to know on how to apply all the things necessary to stay alive and keep our loved ones safe: Learn and apply! For example, if you work in a setting where there is covid, you really need to apply the fact that you MUST NOT touch your face mask at all. If it rides up a little or if you face itches, ignore it. Once it is on, it’s on and that’s it until you take it off using the ear attachments. Place the bug’ in a clinical waste bin. Oh all the rules make me imagine “etcetera, etcetera…” As for me, before I leave work I will now always take a shower and put on fresh clothes, but I’m still not going to have ironed any. I think I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere, right?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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