Statement: I HATE LEAF BLOWERS! because they are:

  1. Environmentally destructive with fumes from the exhaust, blow up dust particles (animal waste, heavy metals and pesticides particulate matter, spores and hydrocarbons). They can actually kill voles, dormice, slow worms and hedgehogs with their >200mph jet stream, let alone all the beneficial insects that dwell in leaf litter.Β Β 
  2. That distressful loud noise pollution (around 100 decibels) is against people and animals, in parks, hospital grounds, crematorium gardens and just about anywhere that should actually be beautifully peaceful, it can be in some neighbourhoods perpetual. Did you know that this level of noise can actually penetrate walls and can damage ears.
  3. The short sighted waste of time, effort, energy and usually public money, when a good wide toothed rake is more efficient and the leaves can be made into good quality leafmould compost.
  4. Can lead leaf blowers to be hoisted on their own petard by the peace loving, pitchfork carrying public!!!
Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Pexels.com

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