Actually I like a lot of weeds. Well apart from that awful pseudo bamboo, it nearly drove me crazy having to dig it all out by hand! There’s always an exception to a rule and let’s face it, it isn’t native to the UK. Still, as for native “weeds” I’m really looking forward to making some dandelion syrup again this year. “NO!” they really are NOT weeds! I won’t take the bees portion, don’t worry. Come on people, find out about what is edible and what is not. Make sure you know it in great detail and eat the weeds that are edible., not the stuff that ain’t or worse poison yourself with a taste test. Just enjoy the fact, that you haven’t had to sow weeds, tend them, prick them out, pot them on, water and tend some more… You just go ahead and harvest a share, but never take it all and make sure you use what you harvest! Why oh why is there always this fight with the environment? What do they teach kids at school? This precious biosphere provides us all with fresh air and life itself. So therefore, why do we feel the need to provide people with bright orange jackets, make them look like carrots and pay them to have a go at nature? We don’t need carrots to tell nature and the people who love it to clean up our act.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Maybe there needs to be just a bit more: “Mind your own!”

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

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