Hell hands

Wire netting is wicked. Seriously, inanimate object or not, it’s ruddy villainous!! For when working with wire netting, you quickly learn how it can repeatedly stab and scratch suddenly without any warning. So while I’ve been twisting said wicked wire during construction, the wicked wire has been giving my hands monumental hell!! What with that and moving plants, stones and huge moss covered, soggy logs, soil seems to have got into the cracks and jabbed parts of my fingers. Therefore, my hands are like my barking feet are usually, they’re really “RUFF!” So basically, I’m going to have to give my hands a complete day off tomorrow. They need a bit of time to recover and some serious looking after. After all, I’m back to work on Wednesday. So I can only imagine that if I put these hell hands in and out of gloves all day, washing them time and time and time again, well they just might give up and surrender!

Photo by Patrick Porto on Pexels.com

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