Role model

Whatever we do, others see and learn to do, especially kids. Someone gave me flowers today tied with a ribbon, and there were pretty cakes on the front desk at work to “yum”. So someone learnt that kindness, that sweet treat sharing, giving and how to show appreciation. There was at some point a role model me thinks. For that I’m thankful, that and of course the goodies, oh yes I’m thankful for and delighted to receive such goodies.

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7 thoughts on “Role model

    1. Perhaps someone, a stranger gave that child something too. I remember walking in a supermarket and a kid followed me around staring at my rainbow bobble hat, so took it off, patted it down and gave it to them. When we share with kids, they then know how to share. Of course there is the hard fact that not everybody can do that, because it might seem sinister. Parent, family and friends are the best ones to show kids sharing. 🎁 I do love random acts though. 🌻


      1. The kid was with family and had come from the school, where meals were being handed out. I think there was a party for a staff member. But what inspired the kid to give me the flower, when the family was parked across the street – so he had to go out of his way, remains a happy mystery!! My cats were intrigued by it too.


      2. I think that you are now in the chain of happy events and that means you might need to go out of your way to do something similar. I would love to know how this pans out, so please share here when it happens.


    1. Yes, I think it does. Life isn’t all the big things, in fact the big things are usually the stress things. What makes the difference are the many little gestures combined together.


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