Some wake to an alarm clock, doing {{{ALARMING}}} alarm clock things (including local radio). I’ve been there plenty and done that “WTF!” slap the clock thing. Some days you wake at just the right time, with your clothes all neat and ready, waiting for the get go. Been there and done that too (clever me). Some days it’s time to wake whenever you feel like it and there’s no rush, so it’s wakey, wakey “He~ven~tu~ally“. That’s fine as well, we all need a lay in now and then. In fact that’s brilliant to gather the sleepy dust needed to make a healthy body. There are times however, that a nightmare will wake you [WAKE UP!!] That’s not so good, but we all get a go at that too. I have to say, there’s also the oddest of days, where you might wake up and cry a little for no apparent reason. Don’t be alarmed it happens. Maybe there has been a lot to be sad about and it had to come out or maybe the nightmare you cannot or do not want to recall in your deep sleep keeping your brain ticking over, was really, REALLY f***ing horrible!

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So, you’re awake now. Go, feed your body healthy, drink a hot beverage, relax and let the crying thing pass naturally. Do what you have to do to get through. You are amazing, you can do this. If the crying persists though, it might be a physical thing that needs attention beyond your ability and you might need to talk it through with someone. Be kind to yourself. Anyways, here in the UK there is the Samaritans and perhaps talking to a good NHS doctor about it. Still, perhaps some nightmares might need people to vote better and see if that F***ing works! “More tea vicar?”

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