It’s that snake in the grass thing, that always keeps me wanting to wear shoes. However, I have been known to go dance bare foot around the stones of Gors Fawr and paddle through the soft mossy parts thereabouts. So maybe sometimes I take the tiny risk of upsetting the locals. I do look where I’m walking though and don’t we all sometimes take risks? Living isn’t ever going to be a sterile affair, balance the odds and try to win. I’m not a betting person at all (I’m especially against the cruelty surrounding horse and dog racing). However, if I was, I wouldn’t bet on the one with the worst track record. Who does that? Work out who your friends are, go by their track record and work it out. Anyone who has a bad ‘n’ give them a wide berth and move on. You’re not travelling in that direction of playing the victim, go your own way! For the record: Snakes are scared of humans and want to avoid you, even more than you want to avoid them (just saying).

Photo by maria dimmerling on Pexels.com

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