I’m not so rude as to ask, well maybe I am, but anyways, how often do you change your bed sheets?ย  Apparently when asked, lots of people said they change their sheets about every 24 days.ย  Some boffins reckon it “should” be every fortnight.ย  Then there’s the ship shape folks who talk about the bed harbouring stowaways!ย  Holy moles there’s places on t’Internet that say some only change the sheets 4 times a year, LOL, that’s pretty grotty, poor beggars with all that bacteria and bacteria’s poop etc…ย  Anyways, if I’m very naughty between the sheets (biscuit crumbs) they’d be ASAP in the washing on a quicky and out onto the washing line.ย  Hells bells and little fishes, I would hate to put my head on a pillowslip that someone had put their dirty feet (as in the photo someone shared).ย  Surely before bed it is best to brush your teeth, wash yer bits, pieces and feet?ย  Turn off all distractions, settle down…ย  For in my opinion though, having a comfortable, clean, peaceful place to lay your head to sleep, done in a timely manner, well is the tits.

photo of woman reading book on bed
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5 thoughts on “Sheets

  1. I loooove going to bed in fresh sheets after a shower! But that said, my 21″ mattress weighs a ton I have a messed up shoulder on my lifting arm, I’m lazy as is possible, and there are often cats sleeping on the bed (sleeping cats are a pleasure foe me). Soo… realistically, I’d say I swap my bed linens an average of every 3 wks. But I live like a college student (despite being 58), don’t let people in my house, and am not allergic to dust or mold.

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    1. There was a time I’d have a cat in the room, a TV, a laptop, but not no more. My relationship with sleep is far too important to me (even though it seems to be evading me tonight).

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