How the left bewildered, can get what they think is a little glimpse of the lost. Just a glimpse mind and it isn’t them really, but yet our whole self comes alive again with the knowledge of them and their subtle differences. I too had this, when I once saw what I thought was my father getting on a bus. The bus had already started to driving off up hill away from me. Oh how I bloody ran up that hill with my heart bursting out my chest and my lungs burning. Trying to catch up, but there was no way I could have caught up with the bus or my father, who had died a while before.

Photo by Oleg Magni on

You know what, I think it makes up for the time he had to run for a bus to catch up with me, for I had got on a bus as a toddler, while he was distracted at the station. Poor man! Thankfully he was fit for his age and did catch up with it, rang the bell, stopped the bus and got me off safe an’ sound without making a fuss or telling me off. Catching up with the bus probably saved my life, but also probably saved himself from a dreadful row from mother! Question is: I wonder if he ever told her, do you think he did?

Photo by Jiu0159u00ed Mikolu00e1u0161 on

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