Ha Mock

I get it. I drive a car and that is dangerous, but I need it to get from A to B. I get it. I walk down my stairs (dangerous) each morning, to boil a kettle (dangerous) to drink a cuppa… I get it and yet, if I woke up in a hammock, with all this covid as just a dream, I might fall out the hammock onto a rock (dangerous). Life is full of potential danger, but we still do it. We still need to get from A to B and drink a cuppa and wake from the dream that taking risks is the worst danger, when not doing anything is soooo much worse! “Danger!” takes the biscuit, we need to see that and not let it totally take over our lives. I’m gonna fall out o’ the hammock now aren’t I? {{{giggles}}}

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Ha Mock

    1. We all attempt to not fall out of the hammock, yet if we do, we hope to bounce back up again 🀸 and make it with a flurry and a “Ta-da!”


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