Play ground

I kept an eye on a young family member in the park yesterday.  For it is a play ground, not a battle.  As always there’s some unsupervised kid who finds something worthy of throwing, but before he had chance, of course I shouted over “I DON’T THINK SO!” and that was that.  Otherwise, perhaps there might have been “Tears before bedtime” as my mother would have said.  I don’t think the kid as a bully, just unaware of their limitations (I was in the background watching and no getting that past me).  As for bullies, Sarah eventually got to say something similar to her bully.  

girl in white long sleeve shirt and black skirt sitting on swing during day time

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Human nature is potentially aggressive and destructive and potentially orderly and constructive.‘ – Margaret Mead.

5 thoughts on “Play ground

  1. As a kid I was playing cricket against a shop wall. One of the kids broke a window. A dad of one of the kids saw what happened, ran over grabbed the bat and ball. At that very time the shops owner came and blamed the dad. They bit into a fight. For some reason your post reminded me of that.


  2. Difference between kids and adults? The ability to see consequences. Very few kids are actually bad, but very few realise (until told) that ‘a’ leads to ‘b’ and whereas ‘a’ might seem to be great fun, ‘b’ might not be. Also kids pee their pants more…


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