When at work I sometimes feel like I am being trained by one of our clients and actually say (in a sort of James Bond villain voice) “You train your monkeys well”.Β  How do I not get sacked?Β  They all know me, they must like me perhaps it’s my charm and personality?Β  Don’t answer that, it’s a trap!Β  Oh and I do like that song Dance Monkey and of course on request I’m most times up for a little belly dance too.Β Β 

Photo by George Becker on

Well, I’m about to go face the day, to do my little bit and maybe even dance in the rainΒ on this Belly Dance Day.

Photo by Sourav Mishra on

19 thoughts on “Monkey

    1. Hip drops, shimmy, snake arms… I do love to flow the moves and find it all so much easier on the body than other types of dancing. Plus, you don’t actually have to have choreography.


      1. I learned I have arthritic hips, thanks to belly dance classes. I was still better than mt friend!!

        I got major bonus points when I freestyled at a chair/burlesque class cause I was too fat for the instructed moves. The owner wanted to film me but I refused.


      2. There’re videos and photos out there on the spider πŸ•Έ of me and my daughter. Lovely ones of our duets and having fun with friends too at haflas. Not that long ago, but it seems like an age. A friend did a dance performance in a chair, dressed as a mermaid due to not up to being upright, but obviously she was unstoppable. This is Mel:


      3. Whoa… she looks a lot like me.

        I love the idea of a chair mermaid dance!

        I enjoyed pole, chair, and burlesque dance classes cause I could express my erotic side, and play dress up. But now that switch is back in the OFF position.


      4. Well, as long as you keep up expressing yourself in dance, and when the time comes you can turn on again. πŸ’ƒ Jiggle gently while washing up. Express with your hands while watching the telly. Don’t stop being a dancer.


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