Ne’er, it’s not about money “Laundering”, it’s the real thing, because Everyday lillie asked a few washday questions and these are my answers:

I line dry and in British weather it means hanging up some indoors when it rains (sometimes often). As you quoted (shelves) if I had an electric drier I might use it and that might be using energy from coal power stations. So anyways, I’m used to the shower rail an’ door frames looking like what my Mum called a Chinese laundry, with hangers on. I prewash my socks in the sink after things like gardening and always make sure the washing machine has a full load on short eco wash. Some things get washed in the bath with pure soap, walking over it (duvet) making sure I’m holding onto the sides for safety. I make sure my spun dry clothes are hung up correctly, so that when I take them off the line, I can fold them correctly (konmari folding) into a wash basket, then they’re ready for putting away.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

P.S. I do NOT use an iron, not for clothes since 1999, well apart from fixing dye letters on a clients garment. Irons are the devil (that’s sort of taken from some film and someone please remind me what film that was).

P.P.S. The film was The Waterboy and it was his Mama.

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