Again and again

I was in my happy place, sleeping, totally relaxed, dreaming of something, of this and that, here and there, dreamy, dream, dream and soooo peaceful.

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Then the radio started to play that damn tune again, the one that our local radio seem to be promoting. At first of course it was so very quietly, but that this alarm is set to do that get louder thing, and it does and that song grew louder and loudER! and LOUDER!!! It was like that Tripledent Gum Commercial playing over and over and over randomly in the film Inside Out. Wow, that was rude, for the song disturbed my quiet thoughts BIG TIME! Now what was in the gentle dream? Oh yes, some large, pretty piece of public sculpture in a central part of a small roundabout, made of wicker. It was an apple, a big wicker apple, but then the dream got interrupted (by the tune) and so there was Tintin walking not far from me on a city pavement, in the dark and as he gets closer the street light makes his face clear, but then he gets shot in the back of the head in front of me and I’m all “Tintin!”

And that my friend is no way to bloody wake up!

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Oh and do you want to know the annoying song that was inappropriately placed for the morning? The song the radio station played at 6am? It goes along the line of “Tonight is gonna be a good, good night…” And that my friend made me want to go Hulk! but I won’t, for I’m too tired and as usual live on in the new moments. I will however, be changing my routine to not listening to that radio station at all for a while. Probably a good idea to not turn it on at all in the car too. For the other morning on the way to work, it had adverts playing constantly for 5 miles! Oh and that song was on again too! Nope, it’s done my head in this time with this and so I really do need to get the CD player back up and running. I think I accidentally pushed a second CD in the hole and that might have been over a year ago. So yes, it needs fixing soon, but maybe in the meantime I will just have to have the window open and listen out for any bird song on the way in.

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Post Script: So, I finished this blog post, went to check my emails and closed that down, only to find on Yahoo news that some young person was shot in Bristol. There is this feeling coming back to my mind again, that we really are all interconnected and in some way we can pick up on drastic things happening around us (sometimes in dreams).

P.P.S. Oh and I’ve decided that the travel into work is going to be dedicated to learning new languages. Sod the radio, they’ve shot themselves in the foot with that song over and over and over, plus all those damn annoying adverts!!!

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Photo by YURI MANEI on
Photo by YURI MANEI on