Dance tells

woman dancing outdoor
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There’re just so many different styles of dance to choose from, to participate in or watch.Β  I’ve personally enjoyed all sorts of styles and all sorts of musical genres. I recall as a child how I loved my ballet shoes, holding onto the banisters at the top of the stairs and going on tiptoe. During competition time, I marvelled at the Irish dancers and their fast pace. As an adult social dancing in clubs, then taking part in the wonder of 5Rhythms and totally embracing Belly dance. One thing I feel is beyond my energy level and ability (foolish knees) is energetic Bhangra, yet how I so love to watch and admire the leaps an’ squats.

As I was watching Men in Black: International, I realised there was going to be some awesome dance moves. For there in the film walked in as aliens, the very talented Les Twins, but all so much more grown up from when I first saw them. In all this, surely we can lay claim that dance is physical poems, it is bodily tells of what is.

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4 thoughts on “Dance tells

      1. I haven’t tried but I don’t see why not.

        I didn’t pursue performing because good costumes are expensive and time consuming but pay is extremely low.


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