“What?” I hear you thinking are Disslugs? Well, they’re totally disgusting slugs, that somehow decided to startle me from under the washing up sponge dish (I might be untidy, but I always like to clean the area where I’m washing up, before I wash up and that includes under stuff). Anyhoo, “How?” I mean seriously, how the heck did they get in, then slither their way under there? Oh and not tiny slugs, oh no, not the ickle pretty pink ones that like to eat my plants, no, these ones (yes there were three of the blighters) were full grown slugs. On poking them, they produced lime green slime, so Limacus flavus (The yellow slug). “OUT!” ~ “GET T’FOOK OUT!!!” and with some attention to detail, they got evicted. I mean to say, “Hells bells and little fishes!!” ~ “Seriously?” So of course I scrubbed the area down after them being there, as you surely have to agree, they really are disslugs!! Agreed? However, if you want to read on about the different species of slugs and are curious like I was about these {{{shudder}}} creatures, then read on below:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I admit, when in the right place (and not under things on my sink) slugs can be quite interesting and food for the birds. The ones under my sponge dish though, they are apparently renowned for climbing walls (how they got in surely) and are comfortable living around people. Seriously, they don’t mind us humans? I wonder, do they {{{shudder}}} when they see us? As for the time I saw one of these fookin’ huge orange slugs, nestled behind a shelving unit in an out house!!! They’re called Arion vulgaris the Lusitanian slug.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Shall I go on? Well, if you insist. Then there’s this semi~huge black one Arion hortensis. That one (I never see more than one at a time) loiters around my garden and that is a welcome guest. “Why?” you might ask. Well, those black ones prefer rotting plant matter to living plants. It is not a pest, as it will also eat carrion, dung, and like I say black slugs do NOT eat living plants so it can stay and I’m semi~happy to co-exist with it in the gatrden.

Photo by Leroy Huckett on Pexels.com

Had enough yet? Okay then, what about the huge Black slug Arion ater that can grow to six inches long!!! It too has an orange skirt (but no high heels) and really sticky slime. It’s huge and swings from side to side when threatened, but I still think a badger would take it on. Come on, let’s all forget the “Slugs and snails and puppy dog tales” and get with the mantra: “They are part of the natural balance, they are part of the natural balance, they are part of the natural balance…”

Photo by Alberto Calleja on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Disslugs

  1. No Banana Slugs??? πŸ˜₯

    I knew I had (and still have) a serious leak in my shower wall when slugs were coming in, from between tiles, in summer!!


      1. LOL… I’m used to them. Once helped rangers collect them for the annual banana slug race at a state park. Unfortunately, we left the day before the race!!


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