Well Pleased

Well, well, well, how pleased am I? Answer: Well Pleased. For although I can tell you not much of the stories unwritten, unspoken, just of this day I lived within (in fact I can only say highlights of about how I felt due to heaps of confidentiality), I can however type here of how I felt: Confident to the max. I can say how very pleased I was at how I stayed and actually felt so calm and stayed conscientious for others under stress. I felt capable, as I physically supported and relayed quiet, gentleness that made a feed back loop of calm and relaxation. So no drama. Not a jot of anyone coming over all unnecessary, especially where there can easily have been plenty (I’ve seen it first hand before). I think anyone would be pleased with themselves with that. Oh and I felt happy, jolly and joyful at times too, in spite of stuff (still not able to say). I did some stuff that another said they actually could not face. Pleased? You bet yer I am. For I was out there, with many stuff to sort out and I got to experience things to giggle about a plenty. Oh yes, there was even this moment that made me grin big to myself: For as I went alone into the staff room for a coffee, I could only find this one lonely, clean mug left there by itself on the draining board. The mug was heaped high full of irony, for on the side it had written: I (heart) Boris Johnston. Now come on, I can be proud, for I even faced that ugly mug too!

Photo by Arshad Sutar on Pexels.com

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