Piggy friends

I love knowing so much about Esther the Wonder Pig and her wonderful loving dads. You know what, I love all my piggy friends. Therefore and especially because of compassion to other sentient beings, of course I don’t want to eat their dead flesh, as that would be gross! So, now here’s the thing: The chef at work is lovely, but he has started doing the “Plants are sentient…” thing and wanting to talk about meat at some point. Umm, no. Thing is, I don’t want to hurt his feelings, start to get angry and come over all unnecessary… I don’t want to start a row. You see, the bottom line is: I feel it is a private matter to me what I wear, who I snog, what I eat… and so there’s that. My choice is not to eat any four legged friends, end of. Same thing about having the personal choice to wear pants on my head in the garden on a sunny day if I want, to drink cider with ice cubes in it if I wish etc., etc., etc… So, would it be reasonable to respond to his questions with a personal question back e.g. “Do you use ethically sourced soap or shampoo to wash under your foreskin?” I mean if he can start asking personal questions about my personal choices, I can too, right? That sounds fair to me, it’s all about being equal, right? That’s how it makes me feel, being quizzed about it all and anyone who decides not to eat other sentient beings, will also say how inevitably someone will get out the stupid bloody questions and ask the “Vegan” to justify the choice. What about the piggy choices? I know if I were one, it wouldn’t be the usual bloody outcome!

Photo by Barbara Barbosa on Pexels.com

I see eating meat, as like eating tortured children and that is mega gross. Seriously, come on, there’s so many other delish things that grow from the soil and help a human body to flourish. I’m not going down the “Plants are sentient” track, in fact going slightly off track, I wonder, did you hear about the guy who played the part of the farmer on the film Babe? His James Cromwell, and he became a vegetarian (or was it vegan) after playing his role. Bless ‘im. Nice guy.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Another thing, just like us, pigs are individuals. They are not all the same, even if we think most of them look it (pink and all that). They are intelligent beings. They want to live to their full potential. Geez, I bet I upset the chef. You can tell how I’m sighting myself up for the challenge. Still, what was that saying? Was it “You can please some of the people, some of the time, but sod that, you’re better off pleasing yourself!”

Photo by Rachael Holzman on Pexels.com

p.s. Added 3rd Aug. 2021 All you need is love.

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