After living here in Wales for over twenty years, I’m still not going to be classified as Welsh and that’s fine with me. It is what it is after all and I personally wish I could tick a box called Earthling [ X ]. However, I am soooo glad to be here in Wales instead of England just now, and I will tell you for why: Data Protection! Heads up if you live in England: Tories NHS data grab!

Well, in the meantime if you do live there, to take you away from such thoughts and help with the worrying: “Muwelsh” (a sort of abbreviation of me saying “My Welsh language” and pronounced like saying Mud without the d and then Welsh together) is rather limited. In fact very sparse, but I get by with a few (possibly pronounced terribly wrong) phrases. For instance I know a few words by experience of for instance of what a “Cooch” (Cwtch) means: One lovely long, proper affectionate hug, that’s done with a bit of meaning to it. Wait, actually it also means [safe place]. Oh and then there’s “CarryAdd” (written: Cariad) means love, but that you can call someone Cariad, like saying Beloved. “Shoe my” (Shw’mae) which I get as a general greeting, whereas “Bory dar” (Bore da) means specifically good morning. I also love this one “Yucky Dar” (Iechyd da) which I generally think of as a boozy cheers or I like to think sounds like saying “Here’s to my yucky dad”, but that it actually means good health. Then there’s a new one on me: “Paid yer Mackie Cally!” which I can’t find online to spell it, but so far I think it means: No bullshit!! To retrieve this expression from my mind, I’m going to think how I’ve paid two people Mackie and Cally respect, therefore feel they owe me the same. Actually it’s probably “Pie’d… “ (Peid meaning: Don’t). I use “Pied Cariad” at work for a reason I am not at liberty to say and we need not go into that just now or ever. So anyhoo, here in Wales, so far thankfully, our data is safe, it is [cariad] and the leeks are beautifully edible, not spelt with an “a” to be like bloody data leaks!

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