Mazza murru

Heat an oven to around 150 Β° and grease a baking dish ready. Dip some left over slices of bread (yesterday’s loaf that has dried out a little is great for this) in veggie milk that has been seasoned with a little salt, black pepper and dry basil. In the baking dish, thinly layer these slices up with a chopped tomatoes sauce and light sprinkles of grated hard vegan cheese. Cook for approx. 20 minutes until it’s baked together nicely and sizzle hot.

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There’s all sorts of versions, you can play with what the ingredients are. For instance it can be any type of bread, any sort of sauce, veggie cheese or herb. You could add thin, thin slices of onions or mushrooms or go really wild and use a jar of some sort of ready made sauce. I now wonder if anyone has tried making a really spiced up Mazzamurru, perhaps using one of those jars of Pataks curry sauce or the like, anyone?

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