Grub up

Usually, when I get home from work, I just want a quick splash in the bath, on with some comfy clobber, an instant food fix and a little kip. Today was no exception. After a little sleep on the settee, (probably only 20 mins) I was ready to put the washing out on the line in the sunshine. For some reason though, I just wanted to cook like there’s no tomorrow (but that there is a tomorrow and it involves a full schedule).

Anyways, I’ve cooked three items: 1) A big pot of soup. 2) Fresh ratatouille. 3) Moussaka layered in the slow cooker, using sosmix, a jar of veggie Bolognese sauce, tinned tomatoes, dry herbs, with thin aubergine slices, fresh tomatoes and yeast flakes.

My tummy is full and my mind is happy from being the taster of these veggie dishes, so perhaps it’s time for beddy bye byes in a few minutes me thinks.

Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on

Want to know what prompted all this activity in the kitchen? Simple reason, I’d popped into Lidl and bought a couple of 5kg boxes of “Waste Not” fruit and veg that needed to be sorted. Yes, bedtime, for I prefer to go to bed today, not in half an hour and that being tomorrow! Na night.

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