Flip sides

Today was a very pleasant day with good company. Things got sorted in a timely manner, in less hassle than expected. Even the views on the way home were amazing and the thoughts of ancient times, of standing stones and the solstice still wandering my little grey cells. Yet on the flip side, there’s the knowledge of how the NHS is actually now at total break point! Record admissions to hospitals across the UK. Knowing how this means doctors, nurses and front line staff are all under horrific stress and people will actually die! Surely we all know the NHS isn’t funded enough, right? The money taken in the way of taxes are going to fund shit ego projects, like the deforestation of our countryside via HS2 Ltd. All this BS about saplings being planted to replace ancient trees? Many of them saplings have been left to die and there’s swathes of bare lifeless compacted mud, where once good soil and ecology thrived. All this whilst at equal speed the change in the climate around the world rises and corporate greed rises too as it strips away the future. I mean, Amazon throwing away new goods? WTF!! It’s sadness, pure sadness and worry at 11:11pm of all things though!

Stop HS2

I feel that if there was something I could do, something that had a chance of changing all this crap, I’d want to do it and so would you I am sure. Thing is, I know I don’t have the power to change a lot of things, but that I do what I can in my own life and plead with you to do the same. You know, things like stop buying into the horrors and global destruction of eating meat. Things like using less, sharing what you have and buy less stuff you don’t need. I admit, I just have to accept my limitations, as do we all and hope there is a future full of compassion and Earthly beauty. Anyways, I will attempt to keep thinking of the positive things of this day, the views, good thoughts and let these negative things rest, along with my head and body.

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