Driven ranty 1 straddler

Oh these pesky things that I feel obliged to stay calm and considerate of (even though I am quite literally driven to distraction by them). Politely I will call them: Inconsiderate Drivers. Don’t ask the other names I give them when I rant. Honestly though, I could write a freakin’ book on the subject, but for now I’ll share only a few more recent moments on an every now and then blog I’m going to name as: Driven ranty 1, 2, 3…

Let’s start with something that drives me ranty on the dual carriageway. Car drivers that straddle both lanes, the blockers, the people who don’t look in their mirrors while doing so! For example, the dual carriageway was going so very slow and I had good reason to need to get going, but that the cars are slithering along inch by inch by inch, with little flutters of movement every now and then in each separate lane. Now visualize the right hand lane at an almost stand still. On that lane is one R’s hole driver with entitlement issues. They go top shelf selfish full of the privileged outlook, needing wanting to see “Why?” ~ “What?” for a full rubber neck view of the road ahead. So yes, of course their car gets to have a little straddle, that’s right, just a little bit of a straddle. inches out straddle right into the faster moving left hand lane, but still also in the right, straddling both lanes! You see, unlike the rest of the world, this driver feels they have exclusive rights to the road, all of it. Maybe the driver feels exempt from rules or the morals of being considerate, perhaps believing they’ve the right to see what’s going on right now. So, at the expense of the safety of others, they’ve stopped sudden other cars and nothing can move in both lanes. They stay there, with all the other drivers and their back-seat-drivers thinking “Brake!!” and “WTF!!!” Of course the privilege driver doesn’t feel the need to look in the mirror, so they’re oblivious to the chaos they are causing and yet they feel safe in their car, like no harm will come to them.

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One thought on “Driven ranty 1 straddler

  1. The thing that annoys me on the road… the driver that swings right before making a left hand turn or visa versa.
    They very often drift into the oncoming traffic lane.
    I see this all the time!

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