Shun A

After reading about the deliberate destruction of goods by (because apparently profit comes before the planet that provides us all life), I for one will be ignoring and rejecting the company, as if it just didn’t exist. I’ve done it to other businesses. In fact, once I’ve walked out of a place and wiped my feet on their doormat, they just don’t exist in my mind and get wiped off of my shopping mental map. In the words of one of my children “They’ve become Non Playing Characters“. I believe we must all start to shun the companies that show destructive and selfish traits. Don’t you agree, that we must shun those that take such a detrimental stance to our overall health and wellbeing? Each of us have to realise this truth: This planet is for sharing and not a disposable asset. All of us have to be and act more responsible for our stuff and look after what we have, share what we don’t need and consequently be kinder to the planet.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

For this is such a beautiful blue marble, so let us not destroy it!

Photo by Pixabay on

Bottom line: I’ve better things to do with my life, than do dealings with those that see profit as the important factor in their “Bottom line”.

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