Status apparently

So, apparently Wimbledon visitors have to show proof of their coronavirus status. Oh the “Status” quo thing comes to mind, right, I get it. Truth be told, anyone can still have covid and yet have a negative test result, even if they’ve had the virus before (“Natural immunity” my arse) or had two jabs (people are still dying after having both doses). So all those sitting together at Wimbledon are… {{{almost inaudible swearing}}}.

So also on the status thing, apparently, I’d have to have lived in Wales for at least five years to qualify to be classified as “Welsh” enough for the rugby team. Unless of course I was born here, but been away or my parents are “Welsh” or grandparents… I get it, I get that just like any other part of the world, the people “of” Wales have cultural identities based on their traditions, family ties and history that makes them “Welsh”. So, even though I’ve been here for over twenty five years, I’ll apparently never be “Welsh” and I’m fine with that. I wish I could tick a box that says: Earthling [. . .] or not have to tick any specific demographic ever again and be a free person as an individual. Yes, I love to take part in the nice and kind parts of cultures of the world, learn languages, dance dances. This world is for sharing. So, don’t be a prat and accuse me of “Cultural appropriation” for wanting to enjoy things and be gregarious or others trying the same (at a safe distance). Oh and finally, if anyone starts being racist to me and does all that thing about me not being “Welsh” and that I shouldn’t be living here in Wales… I might just be tempted to sue.

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