Reality vacuum

I hope I quote Byron Katie correctly: ‘When I argue with reality, I lose, but only one hundred percent of the time’ . Come on now, you know this is so true for us all, right? I mean, I know for a fact that when I argue with reality, it inevitably goes tits up for someone (not always me). I know of one who argued with a large distressed animal on a justifiable rampage… , but can’t/won’t say, so moving swiftly on. For when I think I can do something, maybe I can, maybe not and it is best we all do a reality check first. Good thinking either way we decide though. That is the beauty of choice. So, if and I say “if” it works out, then all good and well. If not, then we’ve learnt a valuable lesson! As sometimes, when we think we can, it just don’t happen the way we want, does it now? Reasons a plenty. Maybe because of this, that or t’other we had totally forgot to factor. Well then, if tits up it is, then that it’s all “Karma is a bitch” or “Phew” close shave!!! We all just have to admit it, just sometimes reality {{{giggles}}} at us and says “No!” and that’s that! Try as we like, failure is the theme! Maybe tomorrow? Just maybe, you can still try though, but best know if it is the right thing to do.

Moral Option ~ Over Soil

In the meantime, seriously, you gotta forget Yoda quotes, because if you want to / if you need to then try, try hard FFS! Please don’t take that Yoda shite of ‘Do or do not, there is no try’, because that is Yoda and Yoda is a work of FICTION and I’m so, soo, soorry, but I had to get out the F word:F*CK~SHUN and point it right at yer. Anyways, agree or don’t agree, there is no blar, blar…, but I reckon: Trying is a noble act (done at the right time and in the right place…) Oh and another thing is, sometimes we can argue all we like and try all we like and believe in The Power of Greyskull if we want or have faith in The Force (apparently plenty have ticked Jedi [X] as their religion on the census) and all are equally good maybe, but it won’t change reality, and if reality says “No!” please, FFS, do NOT argue with it for too long, it will give you at least a partial headache!

Reality ~ Over Soil

My reality: I live here on a beautiful planet Earth, I’m mostly jolly, my needs are being met (there’s coffee and cake) and I’m trying to summon up the get-up-and-go to push the bloody vacuum cleaner into working, because it doesn’t seem to want to do it without me! The Force or The Power of Greyskull? Nope, nothing, the vacuum cleaner just sits there and I’m all thinking: “you just can’t get the staff these days!”

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5 thoughts on “Reality vacuum

  1. You do realize, the vacuum cleaner requires he-Man? That is if you’re going to invoke the power of Grayskull! Just be careful that Skeletor doesn’t manifest as well! He sucks!


  2. I feel that you need to get the upper hand before you try to impose difficult work routines on the hoover. Look at it squarely in the switches and tell it to do nothing. Once it is forced to obey you there will be no turning back.


    1. It was a sucker punch, but I just had to give the vacuum some space. I said “There’s no pressure, but expect me to sweep the floor with you tomorrow!” 🧹 I’m sure then things will be picking up, for leaving it to gather dust just doesn’t do it for me.

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