Ring true

Does this ring true for you: I can live well on what I store and retrieve from within my thoughts. Oh drats {{{giggle}}} I’m getting a lot of [ I think therefore I am ] coming on I think therefore I am” (looks over shoulder) who said that? {{{giggle}}}

I think, therefore I am in Latin ~ Over Soil

All those wandering recycled thoughts, they have to land somewhere! Thing is, they can sometimes land and make us happy or sad, doing or not doing (and therefore perceived as a lazy so-and-so, because nothing gets done). We have to stay aware. Focus FFS!! For what we believe will or won’t happen may or may not happen, sure. We can do or do nowt about stuff (and also could get a shed full of consequences either way for our choices).

Can do / do nowt ~ Over Soil

That is the thing though, there are consequences to both doing and not doing, but if we are wise (and lucky if we still get the chances to chose wisely, before Karma kicks) we can make a good life out of what we have and where we are within each moment. So my friend, ring wisely, ring happiness as often as can, and ring true FFS!!!

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