Driven ranty 2 senile

Second of the pesky things I’ve been driven to distraction by:

The lovely old dear, bless, that maybe only sits in the driving seat once every six months. Anyways, there, pottering in the left hand lane of the dual carriageway, suddenly, without warning and no using their indicators, just turn right, straight over the lanes at a snail pace, so you get to see their car side on and the traffic behind is all “WTF!”

Photo by Sam Lion on

Totally bonkers, but that one day I might get to be one of the lovely old dears. I might get the chance to potter and drive other people to the edge of their patience. Just maybe I will beat the odds being pushed towards me by the pied pipers and in the meantime this is my job, to have patience, to stay focused and keep my mind at peace.

p.s. When I do get senile, FFS give me a ruddy lift will yer?!!

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