Gib und Nimm

I woke this morning wondering how “The Moneyless man” is getting on. So, as it is, I did an Internet search and t’Internet also gave me all out about Heidemarie Schwermer. This contented woman has been living without money for fifteen years. At one point she opened a swap shop called “Gib und Nimm” (Give and Take in German) and that reminded me of my dear friend Mo Green. Mo has been doing similar in Swansea, called “The More Green Project” and that’s been going successfully adapting for the last eighteen years, effectively helping the community in various forms. So please, please, be the unusual like these individuals, buck the trend, be awesomely kind to you and your species and importantly:

Keep in touch of

“Give and Take”

even as the elite

only want to have the last word


Well then, I think today I have it sussed, as I’m popping in for a few hours where I work to do some cleaning. From previous experience, I’m gonna really enjoy being of some helpfulness and of course flexible so others can take a break. Oh, plus though, I get a physical workout, while listening to Aerosmith singing in my head and acting like Mrs Doubtfire with the dry mop. Then tomorrow I also get the chance to go to the FareShare and enjoy some more of the same sharing of the riches. So, if you don’t know, FareShare helps keep good food out of landfill, it shares this bountiful food that would otherwise be wasted with anyone in the community. Oh, and yes I get some bread, fruit and veg for dinner into the bargain, so there’s also the happy of not knowing what it will be (potatoes and/or a pineapple, kiwi and/or carrots…) and I might get to create a new recipe with the FareShare ingredients.

You see, taking part in these things won’t make me wealthy in the traditional sense, but that I will get a wealth of glad in doing them. So, it is true, doing these things will not bring on riches in the conventional way, but inside I’ll earn myself some richness of spirit and be keeping in touch of “Money isn’t everything”. As I truly believe all of humanity is now living on the edge (some physically, many mentally and the Earth is straining to hold us on) and so we can at least try to stop ourselves from falling!

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Am I saying “Walk This Way!” oh yes and hey diddle diddle, of course I am!

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One thought on “Gib und Nimm

  1. Absolutely love this. More of “what can I give” instead of “what can I take”. Being driven by compassion rather than greed. How wonderful it must be to live without money.


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