On fire

Dance is such a great way to express emotions, even when we aren’t feeling the ones we are expressing.Β  However, if you really get into the song and put the dance on top of that, well then the performance is just like fire!Β  Talking of dance, here is a lovely fuzzy image of me and my daughter belly dancing together and performing to an appreciative audience (sharing with her permission of course):

Over Soil and Daughter dancing.

Today I used the two sticks from a set of belly dance wings, by popping them into the edge of two HUGE rainbow flags. I bought these from ebay along with a few others. I went outside into the street and played with them for a minute, to get the feel of them. I think we’re going to enjoy playing with those. Also, I thought it might be necessary, as someone has recently snapped off my car’s aerial that had a small rainbow flag on it. It was above the windscreen, so I think they must have climbed to get to it, unless they’re a lot taller than I am (many people are). Still, from now on the car is going to always be parked in full sight of my CCTV and a new aerial, with a new mini rainbow flag is going straight back up there!

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

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