Driven ranty by speeders

FFS! “Speeder!!”

I confess, that when some biker overtakes me and a whole stack of traffic at double or sometimes treble the speed limit, I just sigh and think the words: “Organ Donor” bless ’em. Of course I hope high, that they will not smash their fragile bodies to bits on the tarmac, with all their zipping in and out o’ the traffic or that I have to be the one to say “I’m here, I know First Aid”… I also hope high, that they will not take others out with them, pedestrians, kids, animals… for then that would get right on my nipple ends! So as they zoom past, all manner of emotions pour forth and drive my mind ranty, but all I can do is sigh, for I’ve been on the back of motorbikes, a passenger as a teen and seen over the shoulder the numbers 120mph.

Photo by Brayden Law on

Still, let’s get on with the rest of the speeders that make ranting so well oiled. Let’s have the single track speeders. How you might hear them coming and think “Shit , now what?” ~ “There’s no where to get out of their way!!!” Somehow the gentle stroll in the countryside stops in it’s tracks and justifiable panic sets in!

Speeders everywhere!

Oh they don’t stick to the out of town world, there’s some who speed in built up areas too. No flashing lights, no siren, just “Watch out kids, I own the road!”

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on

Revs to the max at each stand still they’re the ones that dice with the lives of others for the sake of showing off. Not always the young, sometimes the midlife crisis in a sporty number zipping through like they don’t care for anyone, but themselves. They really make me rant and often out loud, some rather juicy expletives I’ll have you know ol’ bean.

On the motorway when we all notice there’s bad weather conditions, there, ready to play a part on accidents and anyone can see that at end o’ day, sensible folk know that drivers need to take that into consideration and “SLOW DOWN!” WTF is it with speeders driving like crazy in the mist, the drizzle, the poor visibility. I think they’re bonkers, wicked and as for putting loads of others at risk (do what they like to themselves, but at least with their risk it is their choice like parachuting).

Photo by Markus Spiske on

And there’s haze, there could be some o’ that on a sunny day too, and the traditional Welsh rain that soaks clothing sideways, but that on the road that has been dry, suddenly becomes a skid pan experience!!! Again, if you haven’t got official flashing lights and a siren, “SLOW DOWN!!” and stick to the F’ing speed limit!

Speeders bloody everywhere!

Killer on the road!

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2 thoughts on “Driven ranty by speeders

  1. I just watched 2 cars so determined to keep speeding that they passed the car which was stopped at the 4-way stop… speeding, failure to stop, and driving on wrong side of road – all in front of am elementary school. Sheesh!


    1. Selfishness is on the rise in humans, just as violence is on the rise in other sentient beings. I imagine it has something to do with how humans are ruling and being ruled.


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