Naturally grieved

Thinking today of my visit in the past to Poors Piece Wood, near Steeple Claydon. Thinking today how HS2 Ltd keeps breaching the Wildlife and countryside act 1981 and is getting away with it. Thinking of those that have taken their 40 pieces of silver (because 30 is never enough) and ran. Thinking of so much and maybe I don’t really want to talk about it, because feelings of sadness for our shared futures, anger because of the ignorant destruction of nature and utter grief for wildlife is running so high in me today.

Photo of Poors Piece by Over Soil

11 thoughts on “Naturally grieved

      1. Their wilful destruction of the country is the most incredible of any government in my memory. Did you see Stonehenge is next to be downgraded because of a tunnel! They simply don’t care.


      2. “Sigh” it is such times of selfish destruction the Earth wide. We can only do what we can and need to do what we can. As Colette puts it: “Plant as though your life depends upon it, for it does!” 🌱🌱🌱

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  1. A petition to Parliament has resulted in HS2 being up for debate on 13th September to get the project stopped. Of course, being realistic, the debate is unlikely to lead to this but it does ramp up the pressure.


      1. Well, what can you think of? I can perhaps that letting our local representatives in that debate know the truths might (might not) help (possible corruption). Being public as possible about it all…


      2. I live on the route and my village will be directly affected, so our representatives are already mindful, or at least repeatedly contacted on this issue.


      3. There is going to be a lot of disruption but it’s the loss of ancient woodland which will be the worst in the long term…


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