Thank you

No one owes a “Thank you!”

As such receiving one is irrelevant from doing a kindness and acting with consideration. For in being kind it is just as much for our own benefit (if not more) as the person on the receiving end of our acts of kindness .

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However, note that receiving a “Thank you!” is to many people amazingly helpful, in the keep their kindness going and perhaps even more. So there’s that to consider. There’s the thought of others feeling appreciated to ponder, and when pondering whether to say “Thank you” we might be missing out on being the giver of thanks, but again, no one owes anyone anything.

Yet, I think it’s a bloody good idea to give a “Thank you” occasionally.


You know there’s no pressure to actually feel anything. So to say “Thanks” or “Thank you” doesn’t mean you are full of thank. No gratefulness right up to the gunnels, it’s just the act of giving a “Thanks” away, is the considerate action.

If you are feeling totally thankful, then that’s just a bonus.

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