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Let’s have a VERY brief history lesson shall we? I’ll try to tell one that isn’t based on what is written down or told on by others, but by what can be seen if we were aliens from another planet. An alien might come up with all sorts of theories about it all.

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Firstly I think I’d start with Stone circles: I’d imagine physically strong individuals got together and created stone circles that still point out the seasons. The conclusion: powerful individuals had to motivate other physically strong folks, with or without telling them all about their scientific plan. Looks like leadership in the making.

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As an alien, I could imagine that individuals made decisions to plant, create things of beauty out of stone to live within and make the place a productive, pretty and safe place to live (lions and tigers and bears). Then other individuals decided to add chaos, fighting, wrecking builds, killing other humans and other sentient beings on massive scales.

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Yardy yardy yarda about physical proof that decisions were made by the powerful; decisions with both negative and a very few positive effects on the planet (but the proof says mostly negative). So many decisions that end up making the place a less pretty or downright dangerous place. More yardy yarda, then onto bubonic plague, killing off loads via one bacterium disease: Proof via lots of graves in one era, thus creating a conclusion that individuals didn’t seem to know how to keep distances from infected others or couldn’t protect themselves from the infection and that the powerful leaders hadn’t got a clue either. Skip to now and nowt has changed, but everything, but nowt… and as an alien I’d see how the leaders want the masses to sacrifice themselves, so I’d say “Please don’t take me to your leaders!”

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Each individual has many decisions.

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