I’m thankful for feelings and owning such a lovely range. I don’t always appreciate enough the whole up, down and all the in between throws of the dice, but they do help with life’s rationale.

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Personally I relish the euphoria scent of sweetpea flowers in full sun. I revel listening to the rustle of leaves falling from autumn trees. Yet I also resign myself to know the distress of maths, as it lurks in so many situations and many interactions.

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  1. Some say seventy percent of success is turning up, but I understand the peace that I don’t have to.
  2. I concede to being a unique outlier from the multiple choice, one who resists blending into negative shades.
  3. Please draw the line at joinin’ plotty, mean, clicky pointless circles!
  4. Some things don’t add up and some do on a 50/50, with a probability some ain’t true and some actually are!
  5. Polite all I like, but end o’ day I won’t win ’em orl, perhaps not even a tiny fraction!
  6. Maths and those that don’t like me as ‘am, are calculated X’s I’m willing to subtract from my life, but donโ€™t ask Y.
  7. I need to be my own priority and as always one hundred percent!
  8. Make it a rule to be as equally kind to others and self as poss’, it has the biggest probability of peace and success.
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