It is a drag

Just now I started clearing up an area I often overlook and “Voilà!” I found approx. £7 in change and thought “Chocolate money!”. Thing is, I’d dumped it out of a pocket ages ago and forgot it. Well brilliant, it’s unearthed treasure. Sadly, the last time I found such a treasure trove, it was out of date money. Sneaky little Hobbitsies, as the UK Gov. had issued new stuff and made what I found obsolete. Still, the bank changed it, so all’s well that ends well, aye?

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I’m currently not worried about money. However, that hasn’t always been the case with my relationship with it being on and off, more off than on actually. I’m not rich nor poor. Not middle class either really, nor elite and rich, but as some put it “In a class of my own” {{{giggles}}}. Anyways, money is all about equality in my mind. In some folks minds it seems mostly about inequality. Apparently, if you don’t have much, it is the norm’ to crave having lots and lots and lots (too much really). If you have lots, it is about keeping it safe like Gollum! Geez, that must be hell on earth.

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8 thoughts on “It is a drag

  1. Money is neither good nor bad: the people that have it can be either as can the people who do not. (Chocolate, however, is ALWAYS good.) PS am I supposed to be able to see Brian May in your fire photo by tilting my head to the left? (I now cannot unsee it.)


      1. Well so do I but… can you see it? I cannot look at your photo (cock your head a little to the left – you may have to squint a bit) without seeing it now, and it disturbs me…


      2. Oh lovely, watching t’ flames o’ a camp fire 🔥 in gran; company an’ perhaps a chickpea curry 🥣 some cider 🍺 o’ aye that’ll do nicely. I do love a bit o’ caveman telly.

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