Sorrow seas

It is a lot to take in. Being all at sea, like an ocean view from the swell. Understandably the long awaited death at work was still such sadness, but also finding out about a beloved a few days ago who had died a couple of months ago, then again today of another dear friend, with his wife now in the midst of cope and tears… Several beloveds gone from life and all within a short while again. This of course sits heavy with me, throws my thoughts right in the deep end and I don’t want to be carried away with it all. Yes, I know that we all have to die at some point. I know in my heart that each of us going at our own time is how it is, but of course the loss of each and all friends sit heavy with anyone, right? Such is the weariness though, it brings about the feeling of being upon the waves, tired of the salty, make do, doggy paddle, doing what we can to keep thoughts above water, with the peaceful, stoic hope that each morning will be feet on solid ground.

Photo by Matt Hardy on

Let the morning come,

to bring the kindness

towards each other

and ourselves.

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