I’ve just upcycled some old second hand furniture. I’ve used quick dry, minimal VOC level, water-based chalk paint and edged the top with gold nail varnish (bought in a charity shop at 4 pots for Β£1). I’m really happy with the results. All the chips that was in it have been filled as I painted over them. It’s become a bit posh actually and even a bit designer looking. Not new stuff for me, just like the settee I’m getting delivered next week from Xcel Community Shop. Cheap as chips, does the job and will do a turn.

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This is the way forward, to make do, reuse and upcycle what we have to how we like.

Now sadly, I recall a uni. tour of Nantycws Environmental Waste Management Facility. We saw a brand new white leather sofa being crushed on the top via one of those big landfill compacter vehicles. It really was such a saddening sight. The thought of the wasted item. For me I saw in my minds eye, the loss of life to create the sofa in the first place. Somewhere a sentient animal, wanting to live, was killed and all for nothing. Dis-gust-ing!!!

We all must know by now that throwing things away isn’t working. For we cannot throw things “AWAY”, for there is no away. These things end up somewhere, squished together with biological crap, stinking, disgustingly wasted. Change this, your stuff, buy old, don’t throw out what can be used, give it to the right place.

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Painted over chips in cheap as chips second hand furniture and to top it all, I had chips for lunch, yum. All in all, it’s been a good day.

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8 thoughts on “Chips

  1. Buut… I want to see your finished chair!!
    Waste is an issue that causes me to keep stuff that I no longer want but is still new or nearly new. I tend to forget it’s not doing anyone any good if I stays in my home instead of moving to charity, or even to the front yard with a FREE sign! That’s part of what I hope to battle during my break between jobs. Today has been assigned to clothing. I know there’s a shortage of plus size clothing at women’s shelters and I have a lot of work-appropriate clothing to set free!!


      1. Nah… I don’t relate to any of that. I appreciate that she works well for many people. My issue hasn’t been attachment, it’s been energy.


      2. I sometimes feel my issue is down to time. As I took on some work due to the covid shortage of staff, but to be honest I just don’t feel an urgency. Priority to be neat and tidy isn’t in my eccentric eclectic nature.

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      3. Same. I have no allergy, nor aversion, to dander, dirt, or mold. I’m not to horder status… I know junk goes in trash… but between cleaning and sleeping, I choose sleeping.

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    1. One of the chefs at work, does chips in the oven. They’re big thick homemade goodies. I’ve started to do something similar with sweet potatoes. I peel and chop in big thick chip shapes, then toss them in a little oil and a green oxo, pop onto a non stick, hot baking tray and they turn out yum. I’ve been known to pour Yorkshire pud mix on and make it like it’s toad in’t hole. Have you tried NATURLI organic vegan block (tastes like butter) on new boiled πŸ₯”πŸ₯” tatties yet? There’s a Flora version I’m about to test out too.

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